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The German Sheprador is a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever hybrid dog. Commonly they are even mistaken as a mix breed  May 14, 2018 21 Of The Most Popular German Shepherd Dog Mixes . " The cross between a white shepherd and a Labrador retriever is referred to as a "sheprador" in some circles and a "labrashepherd" in others. We keep our pet list as up-to-date as possible. Belgian Shepherds: What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em. Elektra von Essel is a stunning 2 year old black sable German Shepherd. They retain the intelligence of both the parent breeds, they loose the suspicion and “guardiness” of the GSD, they are easy to train, they make wonderful family pets. Do the behavioral problems of the Shiba Inu come out with his hybrid pup? Finally, we will look at some of the pros and cons involved in finding Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix puppies for sale. The German Shepherd Dog. But did you know that this dog actually isn’t a German Shepherd at all? In fact, it’s a mix between two different breeds. It is well balanced, with harmonious development of the forequarter and Welcome to Greenfield Puppies' German Shepherd Puppies page! The German Shepherd is a very popular dog breed of German origins. The German Chow Shepherd Mix, or Chow Shepherd, is one of the most striking “designer dogs” out there. Top view. Search. However, there are a few things you should know before you give your heart away. Alert German Shepherd Mix Dog A black dog laying down German shepherd portrait outdoors Three puppies taking a nap together Dog starring intently Grilled sausages bratwurst in grill frying-pan on black background. They are considered as good house dogs because of their calm nature and caring temperament. Please feel free to Contact us if you have any questions regarding Our German Shepherd dogs. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Technically speaking is the term "hybrid" incorrect, while dogs and wolves are of the same species. German Shepherd Mix Photos. In comparison to today’s standards Rin Tin Tin was a large old-fashioned German shepherd with a straight back. All our beautiful German Shepherd Dogs have been rescued from area shelters or surrendered by their former owners. The Shiba Inu coat colors include red, black and tan, sesame, and cream. Wolf German Shepherd Hybrid A wolf-dog interbred is the ending of pairing a dog with a delirious savage, and as a concern of fact, the hu Pure Black German Shepherd Pictures Of White German Shepherd Puppies German Shepherd Dog; You will find German Shepherd Dog dogs for adoption and puppies for sale under the listings here. Pups will mature to 70-90 pounds. Some dogs that favor the German Shepherd side of the family have a noticeable slope to their backs while dogs that favor the Australian Shepherd have an increased chance of inheriting a missing or half tail. The German Australian Shepherd is a medium to large-sized dog with a slightly rectangular silhouette. This coat could be found in several colors, A German shepherd wolf mix black dog is most wanted. Vet checked, 1st shots and dewormed. There is a wide range of intentions behind the creation of these dogs from using them as professional military dogs to simply wanting a companion. Among all the dog breeds in the world, the GSD and APBT are two of the most commonly misunderstood. Friday, September 27, 2019 : REX x ZZ TOP Litter PUPPY PICK UP DAY here at the German Shepherds were the original canine movie star before the breed became popular as police and military dogs. She is also called the Labrashepherd and is multi-talented with skills in police work, tracking, agility, guarding, search and rescue and retrieving. No dog is bad at heart. Origin of the German Shepherd Mastiff mix. This test, along with the close observation of each puppy as a distinct individual within the group enables us to place every puppy in an environment suitable to his or her temperament and aptitude. . Large in size, smart, healthy in mind and body, best dog you'll ever own and Best gsd in TX So you adopted one of these beautiful dogs and you need the perfect name? We get it, so we hand selected all the funniest, cutest, most unique names we could Read more400 Cute, Funny, and Unique German Shepherd Names The Border Collie-German Shepherd mix is one amazing dog, which isn't surprising in the least, considering its fantastic lineage. ready to leave around the 2nd week in November. Adopt a Black And Tan Coonhound / German Shepherd Dog Mix from a shelter near Redmond,WA. 5 yr old, 50-55 lb. The German Shepherd Lab mix is a designer breed, a cross between a purebred Labrador and a purebred German Shepherd. Although not technically a mix, the Black German Shepherd is a result of mating generations of only Black German Shepherds, or where bi-colored dogs happened to have produced a black variant. We got our first Black German Shepherd in 1969, and it's been an exceptional journey ever since. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases So Rose must be a Beagle/German Shepherd mix!! (Will I ever get this right? First Rose was a Beagle/German Shepherd/Blue Heeler. German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat) All Shepherd Rescue finds adoptable, lovable and in need Shepherds for your family. The White German Shepherd Husky Mix is truly an excellent mix of the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. Czech working line puppies, AKC registered, comes first round of puppy shots, and vet reco Granite Falls, North Carolina » German Shepherd » The German Shepherd Husky mix is a hybrid of two highly intelligent and popular working breeds – the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. Many pet owners have mixed breed dogs. The German Malinois is a hybrid or mixed breed dog the offspring of a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd. ), or are from abuse or neglect situations. The GSD has its roots in Germany, just as the name suggests. Behavior / temperament: Also See: German Shepherd Collie Mix – What You Need To Know About Shollies. She has a life span of 10 to 12 years and is a large mixed or cross breed. See more ideas about German shepherd dogs, Beautiful dogs and German shepherd mix. Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Training. If you feel that the German Shepherd Boxer mix shouldn’t be overlooked because of size and temperament, and are willing to put the work in, you should find that you get a lot of pleasure out of owning this hybrid. Famous German Shepherd Mix. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect King Shepherd puppy (or King Shepherd puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. German Shepherds have long and straight hair that lies close to the body. Both the German Shepherd and the Pitbull are working dogs that have strong athletic streaks. These dogs are generally very smart, and while they aren’t pure bred dogs, they are recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry as an official mixed breed of dogs. The Doberman Shepherd or Doberman German Shepherd Mix is a large dog. com. Known for its unmatched ability as a police dog and incredible herder, it a breed that is best suited for a very active lifestyle. Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Website at RescueGroups - all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) and GSD mixes in, Maryland, Virginia and metropolitan Washington, D. An F2 Shepkita bred to another F2 Shepkita produces an F3 Shepkita. White German Shepherd Dog Breeders. GSW coat comes in a wide variety of colors, grayish sable to white or black. Many owners start out with Boxer German Shepherd mix puppies and are won over by their cute looks and playfulness. In fact, the German Shepherd is the second most popular dog according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) while the Golden Retriever is third. Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix Specifically, a Blue Heeler German Shepherd is a mixture of a German Shepherd (that should be a given) and an Australian Cattle Dog that has "blue" coloration. You should also look for pointed ears and a bushy tail. West German show lines are commonly black and red. Physical Characteristics. Labrador Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are both well-known for their high level of intelligence, loyalty and train-ability. I do not exaggerate size or make dog's overweight to look bigger, I clearly show all pedigree's & genetic tests good or not on that dogs page, I also give akc papers and pedigree's at the time you pick up your pup so you can be better assured of the breeding of you pup. The German Shepherd Chow mix is a combination of a Chow Chow and a German Shepherd, which results in adorably, furry puppies. When you mix two purebred dogs, you often end up with an intriguing jumble of genetic material. " Hi I have one female all black available 7 weeks old German shepherd pups ready to go firs Holland, Michigan » German Shepherd » $850 ISO stud. The yellow German Shepherd Lab mix is a soft, sandy color very similar to that of the Labrador Retriever, but with cute dark muzzles and signature German Shepherd ears. This crossbreed, sometimes called as Alaskan Shepherd, was intended to carry packages and pull sleds. Joseph County, South Bend, IN ID: 19-09-27-00140 This is Snoop we took him in from a friend and where told it was a puppy, unfortunately it wasn't he was a year old German Shepherd mix Cuyahoga County, Cuyahoga, OH ID: 19-09-20-00005 'EMERY' is an adorable, happy, 1. It is 35 percent white and came into existence due to a gene mutation. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. In a mixed breed, you can get any mix of characteristics in the parent breeds. The German Shepherd Doberman mix often has a distinctive black and tan coat. The Shollie has become a favorite designer dog over the last two decades. In addition to being one of the most loyal dog breeds, they are also working dogs that generally enjoy learning. This dog is an interesting mix of German Shepherd and the Alaskan Malamute. The German Shepherd Lab mix, or Sheprador, is a cross between a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Labrador Retriever. If a pet is still showing, it is still available for adoption (although a pending application may be in process). A Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix typically weighs between 40 - 60 pounds The King Shepherd comes with a wide range of colors: Sable, black saddle with tan, gold, cream, and tan or silver markings. The most common offender in the German Shepherd world is the 'White' German Shepherd breeders. It is in effect a Wolf mixed with German Shepherd. This means the Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix size, coat type and other key physical features. It, therefore, becomes very expensive for most dog owners to maintain such a dog. We have many colors and all coat types represented in our dogs/pups. But, why are some German shepherds black? An interesting fact is that all German Shepherd puppies are born with a solid-black or grey or white coat. The Corgi German Shepherd mix, also known as the Corman is one of the cutest dog breeds in the world today. ASR is made up of volunteers; devoted and passionate people just like you, who have jobs, families, and of course, love dogs. Pale washed-out colors are serious faults. Incredible Information About the German Shepherd-Boxer Mix Breed Expect a whole lot of fun, mischief, and loyal companionship when you bring home a Boxer Shepherd dog - a rather interesting mixed breed, born out of crossing the very handsome Boxer and the very diligent German Shepherd. The Aussiedor is a hybrid, also known as a cross-breed. However, in many cases, they have the black and brown markings that the German Shepherd coat usually has. We frequently save Black German Shepherds. Keep reading to find out how… German Shepherd Coat Maintenance. German Shepherd puppies for sale in Pa, as well as Indiana, New York, Ohio and other states. In the English language, the breed's officially recognized name is German Shepherd Dog (sometimes abbreviated as GSD). German Shepherd Dog-Labrador Retriever Mix Litter of Puppies For Sale in LIVONIA, MI, USA Black Labrador/German shepherd mix puppies, born January 9, 2018 and are available now. When it comes to looks, a great majority of Border collie German shepherd mixes resemble the German shepherd dog. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. While they definitely do have a wolfish look to them, I DO NOT raise shepherd/wolf hybrids. It all started at an 1889 dog show in Karlsruhe, Western Germany. They act substantially to most any write of dog submission grooming whether you use clicker grooming to thatch commands, or separate benefit methods that may be much fit to the second German Shepherd Puppy For Sale Near Me. Most often, they are an incredibly loyal breed, are devoted to their owners, and have really sweet and fun personalities. In fact every month we meet people who are looking specially for a Black German Shepherd Dog. Ricky Thomas' Giant German Shepherds. Another ex-street dog from Anishnabe. The German shepherd husky mix, or better known as the Gerberian Shepsky, is a cross breed of two intelligent and energetic dogs. Professional training and world class German Shepherd puppies for sale. Any puppies that qualify as a German Shepherd Mix are a cross between a German Shepherd and another dog breed. German Shepherds tend to be strong-willed, intelligent, playful, and loyal. This mixed breed has a wolf-like appearance with the black, tan, gray, and  Mar 5, 2019 The Black German Shepherd is a gorgeous color variation on the standard German Shepherd Dog which is recognized by the American  Most black German Shepherds dogs have a few tan hairs between their toes or We found Sonny at a local shelter shortly after our 6 pound chihuahua mix,  Dec 28, 2018 The German shepherd is a breed that is popular for its physical characteristics dog that has 35% white coloration and the remaining coat is black and tan. Your email address will not be published. Here's the curiosity: The gene for the black coat color can be recessive, but it can also be dominant! The dominant black coat gene of course is a different gene, thus an all-black German Shepherd may have both the dominant gene and the recessive gene - while GSDs of any other coat color may have the recessive Find German Shepherds for Sale in Manchester, NH on Oodle Classifieds. The German Shepherd lab mix is a combination of lovable lab and dedicated German Shepherd. Two females are available. The breed standard is the double coat, with short, straight, dense hair that lies close to the body, but they can also have long or plush coats. Still so photogenic. German Shepherd Dog Training and Mastering the Art of Attention in Only 1 The German Shepherd Doberman Mix is a mixed Dog Breed between the German Shepherd and the Doberman. Black German Shepard/Lab Mix compdude957. Black and tans and bicolors are found more in the various working   The German Shepherd mix can have multiple purebred or mixed breed lineage. We only have long coat German Shepherd puppies for sale once or twice per year (sometimes not even once a year depending on what is going on here), and we do not usually have puppies available. For example, some "Lab" mixes have displayed the enthusiasm, trainability, and energy of a lab, while demonstrating the leaning, night barking, and double dew claws of a Great Pyrenees. Then there is the personality and training needs of this dog. We have one puppy left. The German Shepherd is most commonly found in black and tan but also comes in solid black or solid white. German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever – Who Wins? If you’re thinking about adding another dog or possibly your first dog to your family, then chances are that by now, you’ve narrowed down your options. Another type often searched for — the panda German shepherd — can cost close to $1,000, but like the white/albino, this is yet another dog that isn’t considered a true German shepherd. A large-sized dog with either a long or a heavy compact stature, the sheprador has some common traits of both its parent breeds. As well as all black  Thinking of adopting a Black German Shepherd but don't know where to start? look like the average Shepherd and are hard to mix up with the black version. This hybrid dog’s appearance is similar to a Labrador with a sleek, lean body, short haired coat, floppy ears and long short haired tail. The first generation, 50% Akita Inu and 50% German Shepherd mix is an F1 Akita Shepherd. We are a second-generation Black German Shepherd breeder with more than 45 years of experience. Follow me as we take an in-depth look at the Corman, with regard to its temperament, appearance, and health concerns among others. German Shepherd vs Labrador is a common conundrum to find yourself debating. The German Shepherd Dog Dog Breed: The German Shepherd Dog has an outline of smooth curves on a longer than tall body that’s strong, agile, substantial, and an exceptionally outreaching and elastic gait, covering the ground in great strides. It’s not surprising, of course, considering the pedigree that stems from the dog’s parental breeds. You might have got mixed breed dog or a stray that have look like Husky. Part Coon Hound and part German Shepard, he is extremely intelligent and resourceful. We're here to tell  Mar 20, 2019 Your Free Guide: Get A Free Guide To German Shepherd Mix Dogs. The size and weight also The Border Collie German Shepherd Mix is a very good looking, highly-active and intelligent dog. The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix combines two very popular breeds. All German Shepherd Dog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Black German Shepherd – Truth or Myth? Black German Shepherd is a common German Shepherd, it’s just that they have a black coat. Grooming. Find the perfect German Shepherd puppy for sale in Wisconsin at Next Day Pets. Our next litter of German Shepherd puppies for sale in NC from titled, imported Czech German Shepherds, will be available in November, 2015, The mother, Alwa z Eurosportu is a Slovakian imported black and red German shepherd, The sire is our Schutzhund 3 Slovakian imported Alan Schrom. For about the last 25 years, the proper term for a wolf and domestic dog mix has been commonly accepted as ‘wolfdog’. They have had their first veterinarian check and have had their first vaccinations. I am a very small home based kennel specializing in pure black German Shepherds. With these numbers, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is likely to live somewhere between 9-13 years. The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is one of the largest breeds of dog. Known to canine aficionados as a German Pit, this hybrid dog is certainly an incredible mix of both worlds and if trained right, will make the best guard dogs and playmates. One female is available. " When you hear of a Pit Bull- German Shepherd mix behaving in a hostile way, it’s because that dog was not properly trained and raised. The breeding of two Akita Shepherds also produces a 50:50 cross, but the animal is an F2 Akita Shepherd or second filial generation of Akita Shepherd. The German Shepherd Pitbull is one of the favorite dog breeds pets for families. Few of these breeders faculty also give a groovy containerful with a favorite toy to provide accomplish the awheel passage easier on the younker and the person. More dominant than GSDs of other colors because sable will show even if there is only one sable allele. #germanshepherd m#germanshepherdpuppies The German Shepherd Wolf Mix usually has a taller body along with the thick coat. And a bit less challenging. As soon as a pet is adopted, it is removed from the list. This is usually a medium sized breed, that is friendly, active, and intelligent. As a result, the insemination and fertilization process are artificial for the German shepherd mother. The way they use to be and the way you remember them as a kid when growing up! Aug 5, 2019 Over the years Black German Shepherds have been mixed with other breeds of dogs. good dogs for good homes A white-colored German shepherd can’t be registered with the AKC. German Shepherd Shedding [And The Best Brushes To Use] August 8, 2019 July 17, 2018 by Shayla McConnell So you have a German Shepherd, and their fuzzy coat has claimed your entire home. Belgian Shepherd temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the mission of providing medical care, temperament evaluation, rehabilitation, training and placement of German Shepherd Dogs and other herding/working breeds. This German Shepherd mix puppy is a touch timid but that may be a good thing considering his size now and how big he's going to get. Most loved for their intelligence and versatility, German Shepherds are extremely loyal and will be protective of their family. Dec 22, 2012- Explore allmutt's board "German Shepherd Mix", followed by 1653 people on Pinterest. This advert is located in and around South Ockendon, Essex. Since the dogs and wolves are of the same species, the term hybrid is technically incorrect, although it is still commonly used. It is basically a dog lover’s dream. Will come with first vaccination flead wormed and microchipped. Jun 24, 2018 A German Shepherd Dog is fierce but friendly, and has a calm Normally black and tan, sable or just black, they also come in blue and white. On May 10, 2017 Tala met Rebel in Grand Junction. com About Serious Black German Shepherds. The undercoat has little color except in solid black dogs. Few canines display the grace and majesty of the German Shepherd. While each breed has their own unique set of traits and temperament, a German Shepherd Husky mix will typically present with some characteristics that come from both breeds, though it’s not unusual for FALL GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIESFall is here and so is this beautiful litter of 6 German Shepherd Puppies 2 Females and 4 Males born on August 17, 2019They will come with puppy shots done$650 is the asking price cash / cashappPuppies are located in Portland, OR COME MEET THEM TODAY!Please reach me at 503-486-8505 via text or callImages 1-2 ( 2 Top rated US German Shepherd breeder out of Illinois, Mittelwest German Shepherds. They additionally pass by the name of Gerberian Shepsky and in addition German Husky, Siberian Shepherd, and Husky Shepherd. The beautiful and agile Pitbull German Shepherd mix can be a marvelous best friend to the right person! Known for being exceptionally loving, this new breed of designer dog is highly intelligent, affectionate, eager to please and tremendously loyal. List of German Shepherd Mix Breed Dogs Murray the Shepherd / Retriever mix at 4 years old weighing 90 pounds— "He is very calm and loyal, love rides in the truck and being with his owner. Black German shepherd puppy is also cute. Comment We are German Shepherd breeders in Oregon. This particular site, Top German Shepherds, is all about our incredible line of all black German Shepherd dogs stemming from the world famous all black German Shepherd V Paska vom Salztalblick. Mr. All of our German Shepherd puppies are aptitude tested at seven weeks of age using the Volhard aptitude test in order to assist us in their placement. Similar to his parents, the dog breed has countless desirable qualities and characteristics that make him an ideal pet. Serious Black German Shepherds is located in Sebago Lakes Region of Western Maine. These two intelligent herding dog breeds are athletic and agile, with a tendency to be protective towards their family. Not sure what kind of German Shepherd mix she is. Similar to the traditional German Shepherd Dog, these dogs are snow-white with black nose, eyes, and lips ; some also have black nails. German Shepherd is a breed which belongs to the large-size classification. You’ll likely notice the black and tan coat of the German breed with its black saddle. Crossbreeding is usually a challenge since carrying German shepherd pug mix pups to term for any pug mother can be risky. Good News! We will have German Shepherd Wolf hybrid puppies for sale in September 2017. 12. Some think the dogs are a cross breed. For a really golden yellow mix breed, nothing beats the Golden Shepherd mix dog. The males will weigh in between 65 – 90 pounds and stand up to 26” tall. Besides that they might demand regular checkup to ensure that they are well all the time. her name is allie also and she is keeping my blue heeler-german shepherd mix, for the time being, and also has a two year old. German Shepherd male mix we rescued from a very high kill Call them Labrashepherds or German shepradors, but no matter which, a German shepherd/black Lab mix is a multifaceted hybrid of the two most popular dogs in America, according to the American Kennel Club, and blessed with the best of both breeds. There are many color variations within the black and tan color. Search by desired gender, age, and more at PuppySpot. The first impression of a good German Shepherd Dog is that of a strong, agile, well muscled animal, alert and full of life. and she FeedFond presents you with a complete guide to German Shepherd Pitbull Mix for 2019, also lovingly known as “Shepherd Pitt”. The Malinois, (right) named for the town of Malines, bears a slight resemblance to the German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherd Boxer Mix Pictures Germanic herdsman dog grooming is pleasurable because Germanic Shepherds are alert dogs that may be taught behaviors easily. C. Lovely, lovely dog. GSDs are medium to large sized dogs, with strong jaws and a black nose. NO CATS. The morphology of this variety is very similar to that of the Groenendael Belgian Shepherd, but their soft and long coat has brown tones with some black areas . Family raised and well socialized with children. she however is not snippy with kids at all! she loves kids but he is nervous around adults at first until she sniffs them and than she is usually okay with them. Black German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix; This mix of dog breed is between an Australian Cattle dog and a Black German shepherd dog. Finding the right King Shepherd puppy can be dog gone hard work. Although they have the look of pure shepherds, they are MIXES and will be smaller Karlie von Ryan is a stunning 12 month old black sable Geman Shepherd. Let us clear up any confusion about this dog, plus we'll give you tips on finding reputable breeders of Black German Shepherd puppies. How to Train a German Shepherd. The Shepadoodle is a AWESOME Doodle, especially if you are a German Shepherd lover but hate the shedding! They are a cross between a German Shepherd Dog and Standard Poodle. One way to determine the ancestry of your mixed breed is through a DNA test. This mix can only produce a solid black  Aug 30, 2018 Some people think the Black German Shepherd is a result of a defect in the breed. Visit our Sable German Shepherd puppies for sale page to learn more about German Shepherd colors and to reserve your sable puppy! The Sable coat color in German Shepherds is the most dominant gene. They may be slower than the prey they are chasing over short distances but they have superior endurance GIANT GERMAN SHEPHERDS - GIANT GERMAN SHEPHERDS. The Shepherd Pit does indeed have the mix of brains, loyalty, and power that theoretically inspired the creation of the hybrid. The quest for the ultimate large dog with a combination of athleticism, agility, and a protective and playful nature may have been the driving force in creating this crossbreed. Is a Black And Tan Coonhound / German Shepherd Dog Mix the right Dog for you? Black And Tan Coonhound / German Shepherd Dog Mix owner reviews, health, training. We will discuss the Black German Shepherd temperament and the what makes it a fascinating breed. He had all of his Before we get into German Shepherd training, I’m going to start with a brief history lesson, so you can understand the qualities that make this dog man’s best friend. The Rottweiler German Shepherd mix is known by many names such as Shepweiler, Shottie, Rottweiler Shepherd, or the Rottie Shepherd. Big Dave & Fancy Pups Due 10/25/19 Male 2,500 / Female 1,600 A Long Coat German Shepherd Dog can be a child's alert and protective best friend ~ You can let them play in the yard with confidence. Getting a wolf hybrid should not be taken lightly. She plays plenty with other dogs … Titus, a Black GSD Mix German Shepherd or GSD serve as an ideal family dog. Is a German Shepherd Puppy Right for You? History of Australian shepherd lab mix. All black German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppies do exist, but they are rare! The German Shepherd mix can have multiple purebred or mixed breed lineage. Percy The Labrador 174,540 views Black German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd Training, Dog Products GermanShepherdMan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC AssociatesProgram, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. Appearance / health: While all mixed-breed dogs can vary in appearance, the Black Mouth Cur / German Shepherd Dog Mix is likely to be a large, rugged animal. Regardless of whether Kolenda Kennels is a German Shepherd Breeder that is a personalized kennel and dedicated to improving the breed, located at 2157 138th Ave Dorr, Michigan 49323, located in Grand Rapids Michigan area. As stated above, whether your puppy is sable, black, red, white, or blue shouldn't matter when it comes to price. The dog is a mixed breed of German Shepherds and American Pitbull Terrier as its forbearers. We discuss the physical characteristics, temperament, health concerns and training potential of the dog. Learn About the German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Description : This is a common mixed breed and despite the criticism this dog gets because of the stereotypes of its parents, it can be a loving dog if cared for and trained properly. Black German Shepherd Dane Mix The German shepherd lab mix dog is more commonly known as the German sheprador and it’s a cross between the stock German shepherd and a Golden Labrador retriever dog. Mar 1, 2019 Black German Shepherd dogs have a striking look. To identify a German Shepherd, examine the dog’s coat. They are a versatile dog that are sometimes used as working dogs. In this article, we delve into all there The pairing between a Black Mouth Cur and a German Shepherd Dog isn't all that common, but you may occasionally encounter this mix in a rescue. The physical and character traits of these dogs may resemble one parent more than the other, and second and " The Long-coated black Groenendal (left), takes it's name from the Belgian village where it was developed by selective breeding after the chance appearance of a handsome long-haired black famale in a litter of lighter-colored sheep dogs. ABOUT US. They have a dense medium coat that sheds rather heavily. They are a cross between a German shepherd and a Belgian Malinois, they are classed as a “Designer dog”, Malinois X, Mix or German Malinois. The dog breed has more triangular eyes with tan colored fur and a black saddle. Black and Tan German Shepherd. Find White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale on Pets4You. They can grow up to 24 inches, slightly smaller than German Shepherd breed of dogs. With crossbreeds, you need to be sure that both parents come from a pure bloodline―in this case the Border Collie should be born to a pair of Border Collies (no mix allowed), as should the German Shepherd. For several reasons (not necessarily good reasons), white dogs aren't appreciated by the German Shepherd's national breed club nor by German Shepherd breeders who compete at dog shows. The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a mixed Dog Breed between the German Shepherd and the Wolf. Black German Shepherd. The color of Czech shepherds varies, with common colors being black and tan, black and red, sable, or solid black. I chose the name Black Wolf German Shepherd’s long before I even had my pure black shepherds. The German Shepherd Mix is not a purebred dog or a designer dog breed. Hence, a German Shepherd that is brown or patchy in color who mates with another German Shepherd who is pitch black, can go on to have puppies that are all solid black. Used as police dogs and family dogs alike, this popular mix is renowned for their courage, loyalty, and intelligence. Triumphant, Tenacious, Delightful, Terrific, Trustworthy, Tempting, TeMar! Welcome to the website of TeMar German Shepherds. German shepherd puppies. German Shepherd puppies for sale from dog breeders near Wisconsin. Limitations of owning a German shepherd boxer mix Health problems. With a top quality kennel located in Northern Michigan, our solid black german shepherds are raised in house and are always top quality Breeding for 30 years and always breeding to Improve. Our Dog Percy the Black Labrador Retriever aged 2 - telling you about his life! Cute and Funny - Duration: 4:52. The official name for the breed is Alaskan Shepherd, it is recognized by DRA (Dog registry of Americs ) and IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry). Common German Shepherd Behavioral Problems and Personality Traits Over the years working as a dog trainer, I’ve probably worked with as many German shepherd dogs as any other breed. We have German Shepherd Puppies for sale & German Shepherd Dogs for sale. male and female german shepherds. For a second i thought you were my sister. Wolf. Storyful Dog (Best Pinterest Dog Profile) All german shepherd german shepherd puppies german shepherd husky mix white german shepherd black german shepherd german shepherd lab mix german shepherd rescue german shepherd puppy german shepherd pitbull mix gsd and More photos in here. German Shepherd Rescue of the Rockies is a volunteer run German Shepherd Dog rescue organization located in Denver, Colorado. Both are concealed behind a negative stigma, which makes this crossbreed all the more interesting. German Shepherd temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, . Physical Characteristics of German Shepherds. The females always slightly smaller, will weigh anywhere between 50 – 75 pounds and stand no taller than 24”. Our mission is to find loving permanent homes for abandoned and surrendered German Shepherd Dogs in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Find the perfect German Shepherd Dog puppy for sale in North Carolina, NC at PuppyFind. But they are truly the best of both breeds. King Shepherd—A mixed breed not recognized by any major kennel club,  Aug 7, 2019 There's more to the Black German Shepherd than his good looks - a great If you're worried that the markings might mean they are a mix, ask  May 30, 2019 If you have an interest in similar breeds to a German Shepherd, check out this article that Solid black, black with white patches on neck and chest . Wolves are made for endurance hunting. The modern German Shepherd is a medium to large-sized breed that is strong, athletic, and muscular. German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc. Combine the two and you’re onto a winner! Find out everything you could possibly need to know about the German Shepherd Lab mix in this short guide. Aug 9, 2019 The Shepsky is a mix of a German Shepherd with a Siberian Husky. You can get more HD image collections go to . They have a domed forehead and black nose. Banjo the German Sheprador (German Shepherd / Labrador Retriever) mix at 11 years old—"We adopted Banjo when she was 1, and now she's a very dignified old lady! Exceptionally trainable and obedient dog. Probably a German Shepherd Husky mix. Things you should know before owning a German Pit: As its name suggests, it is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Pitbull. She has a white neck that fades to a rich reddish brown. . The German Shepherd colors most commonly include tan / black and red / black with black masks. File Name: black-german-shepherd-lab-mix-wallpaper-1. If you want to find the right pure bred puppy for your family, look no further than the shepherd puppies at CT Breeder. I have met herding dog mixes where the dogs have behaved wholly like Great Pyrenees, they merely resemble their mix and have a bit more energy than a typical Pyr. Hi I have a German shepherd Rottweiler cross lady called shella she is very beautiful wild at night tough when she attacks she is like a big rolling stone u just can't in its way and very tricky with strangers when approaching me If I don't talk to her she starts twisting her tail in as if in a happy and welcome mood but its just a camouflage just when u get closer my God u just can't imagine Buy Conversation Concepts German Shepherd Tan & Black My Dog Figurine: Collectible Figurines - Amazon. Once he knows you ("you" meaning person or dog - and that takes about 5 seconds), he's full of wet nose kisses. When I first saw Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, I assumed the star was a German Shepherd yellow lab mix, due to his stubbornness. However, the color ranging starts from grizzled sable to white or/and black. German Shepherd puppies that are for occasion should be wormed soul prelude shots and also bed a very unselfish eudaimonia warrant. Black German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies For Sale By Nami Da Posted on The German Shepherd Border Collie Mix, or Shollie, is a cross between the German Shepherd Dog and the Border Collie. Fur Coat German Shepherd. A Long Coat German Shepherd Dog can give elderly family members some peace of mind, security and protection as well as providing a loyal buddy. About GSRNE. There are healthy and effective ways to groom a German shepherd for summer. The typical hybrid is a Timber Wolf German Shepherd Mix. ” The German Shepherd and the Labrador are both known for their loyalty, intelligence, and loving nature which makes this mixed breed a great family dog. When we rescue a Black German Shepherd we evaluate their temperament and then place them in a loving foster home. The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a special breed of traditional German Shepherds and wolves. test to see if your dog is a mixed-breed that is part German Shepherd. Black Wolf German Shepherds. German Shepherd Dog puppies for sale and dogs for adoption in North Carolina, NC. The Gerberian Shepsky is a cross breed of two very intelligent breeds that are most popular for their possession of highly desirable qualities and other attractive characteristics, the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. For lifespan, the German Shepherd lives an average of 7-10 years and the Australian Shepherd lives between 12-15 years. Honestly!! german shepherd/Newfoundland by: Anonymous I have a German shepherd/Newfoundland he is now 7 yrs old, I rescued him when he was 3yrs, he is the most wonderful, beautiful boy, his story is heartbreaking, he was left in a shed with another dog and 9 cats,in below zero weather, his barking saved all they're lives, Black German Shepherd Rescue is part of what we do. Appearance . “Wiese” is the German word meaning “Meadow”, thus our name. The German Shepherd Wolf Mix has a thick coat and is exceptionally tall. They need a lot of exercises as well as mental stimulation, as it's in their blood. There is a mix of genetic characteristics in Wolf Dog This is a guide about, "What breed is my dog?" (German Shepherd mix). German Shepherds are a relatively new breed of dog, with their origin dating to 1899 - Red & Black, Black, Sable, Black & Silver, White, Liver, Blue,Grey, Black & Tan . Equipped with a fluffy coat and boundless energy, this hybrid can make big dog aficionados instantly smitten. These dogs are an excellent choice for active families and for those who like a guard dog. However, free GSD, German Shepherd dogs and puppies are a rarity as rescues usually charge a small adoption fee to cover their expenses (usually less than $200). Then she was my Beagle/German Shepherd/Italian Greyhound. It is also a challenge for the pug males to impregnate a big German shepherd female. When someone raises dogs to be meanie and aggressive, lets loose one of these animals, it gives a bad name to all the rest of Woof! Why buy a German Shepherd Dog puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of German Shepherd Dog puppies who need a home. Find german shepherd mix stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Since both the Collie and the German Shepherd are extremely intelligent, you can be sure that your German Shepherd Collie mix is going to be a very smart dog that is eager to learn. Corgi german shepherd mix size: – The size of the corgi shepherd mix can vary depending on what traits they get from the corgi and the German Shepherd. So, yes… Black German Shepherds exist; it’s not some mythical creature. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to another litter. This dog breed was used mainly in military and police duties where they supplied food and other supplies to the German soldiers. After Reading This, You'll  Jan 9, 2015 Black German Shepherds sometimes take people by surprise with their solid dark color coat. The Black German Shepherd is not a separate breed, it is a purebred that just German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies! Puppyhood is an important time for dogs! During their first few months of life, owners should introduce their German Shepherd Husky mix puppy to as many people, pets, dogs, children, sights, and sounds in order to make sure their puppy grows up to be confident and friendly well-mannered dogs. In this blog post, I'll cover everything you need to know about this breed also called Shollie. jpg; Text: This wallpaper is German Shepherd Dog Breeders published under German Shepherd dog category. German Shepherd crosses and mixes are frequently found in animal shelters. It’s the same with all our dogs. The most popular colors for GSDs include the famous black and tan as  Generally, German shepherds are less aggressive and have a slower Also See : German Shepherd Collie Mix – What You Need To Know About Shollies The dog breed has more triangular eyes with tan colored fur and a black saddle. The German Sheprador is a breed of dog created by crossing a Labrador Retriever with a German Shepherd. (GSRNE) is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing veterinary care, evaluation & adoptive homes for the countless numbers of German Shepherd Dogs who are left in pounds to await uncertain fate, are owner surrenders (divorce, death, etc. black puppy Does anyone have any idea what mix my puppy is? The animal shelter said she is a German Shepherd mix, but they were not sure what her mix is. Apr 15, 2019 The most common colouring for a German Shepherd is black and tan; . Just kidding, these mixes are gorgeous Also known as, Shepkita, Akita and German Shepherd mix Colors, Black, Black and Tan, Light Brown, Merle, Brindle, Brown, Speckled, Spotted, Golden,  Browse the widest, most trusted source of German Shepherd Dog puppies for sale. Being that the two  Here are 11 of the most terrifying German Shepherd crossbreeds. Browning Haus German Shepherds breeds the finest quality Solid Black German Shepherds and German Shepherd puppies available. Let’s take a look at the many colors of the German Shepherd Dog. Despite their disapproval, a white puppy who pops up in a litter of German Shepherds can still be registered with the American Kennel Club as a German Shepherd. The average weight of a wolf dog is about 70 t0 125 pounds, depending on diet, age, and genetics. Oct 2, 2018 Is the German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd Mix Right for You? . Keep reading and learn more about this powerful breed. Finding homes for adult and senior German Shepherds, providing services to northeast rescues and occasionally musing on the relationship between rescue and life. The German Shepherd Lab Mix, or Sheprador, is a large crossbreed who is a good match for an active person or family. A new litter of Colorado Wolf hybrid pups has been conceived on the “Flower” Full Moon of May. Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit 501(c)3, no kill rescue committed to saving all types of German Shepherd Dogs from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes. German Shepherd Collie Mix Temperament. German Shepherd mix St. The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Most commonly, German Shepherds are either tan/black or red/ black. Embark Dog DNA Test Reviews: Is Your Mixed Breed A Mystery? Black German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd Training, Dog Products. Many other dogs are often found to be great service dogs. Color: The German Shepherd breed colors are black & tan, black and white. Coonhound German Shepherd Dog Mix From Becky: Buster is a rambunctious lad of around 18 months who was literally dumped over the play yard fence at Elmore SPCA. The Border Collie German Shepherd mix’s origin. Designer breeding has led to new dog "breeds. And such a cutie to boot! 13. Honesty is my policy. both mum and dad are pure White This German Shepherd mix will likely be easier to train than a purebred GSD. German Shepherd Dog-Labrador Retriever Mix Litter of Puppies For Sale in LIVONIA, MI, USA Black Labrador/German shepherd mix puppies, born July 13, 2017 and are available now. We adopted Blackie a couple of months ago from an agency in Stover, Missouri. Pali von Pollenfeld is a cute and adorable 12-month-old German Shepherd mix puppy. Corgi german shepherd mix dog is a medium to large sized dog that will weigh around 30 to 70 lbs and will stand at around 12 to 15 inches tall. Many breeders just want to cash in on the micro-mini fad cross, which is a mixed of full sized German shepherd A German Shepherd and Lab mix (the so called German Sheprador) can be quite unpredictable, as you can expect from any other combination between two different breeds. Now I feel confident that Rose is a Beagle/German Shepherd cross?) Seriously?! When this concept initially entered my mind, I was a little disappointed. But with this being said, many sable German Shepherd breeders do charge more for their rare puppy colors. While this breed of dog is very docile around members of the family they are very protective when the family becomes threatened. lol. They hit it off like the best of friends and definitely took a liking to each other in puppy ways too. RANCH LIFE ON THE BRAZOS RIVER WITH BLACK GERMAN SHEPHERDS. They are commonly mistaken as mixed-breed or different variations of German Shepherd dog breed. The German Shepherd Lab mix is a very popular breed also known as a “Sheprador” or “Labrashepherd. German Shepherds for Sale in Wisconsin Adopt Ellie a Black - With Tan, Yellow or Fawn German Shepherd Dog / Rottweiler Adopt Ellie a Black With Tan, German Shepherd Husky Mix is a very active dog breed but it is temperature sensitive so if you are in very hot areas then you should avoid this breed as they can’t bear more hot temperature so you can adopt German Shepherd Husky Mix and they need proper atmosphere as it is the important thing. Alaskan Shepherd (German Shepherd / Alaskan Malamute) Source: Pinterest. They are also called "wolfdogs" or "hybrids". He is well trained and follow commands extremely well. The West German shepherds are the most popular, and have a more sloped body than the East German shepherd, but not as much slope as the American German shepherds. At Ayers Legends we take pride in keeping the older lines alive. Some people even mistake them to be a mixed breed or some other dog  German Shepherd Mix puppies for sale! These loving, playful, and energetic puppies are a cross between a German Shepherd and another dog breed. Find German Shepherd Dog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful German Shepherd Dog information. Christo is a male Shepherd/lab mix. German shepherd wolf mix weight is around 60 to 120 pounds. When buying a puppy it is a good ideal to visit the kennel. Bad owners/ trainers make for this dog’s bad reputations. German Shepherd Puppies for Sale This German Shepherd Mix puppy is social and sweet as pie! sweet but extremely playful 8 weeks ready to go home Both parents Courageous, Loyal - The German Shepherd, is a breed of large-sized dog that originated in Germany. Skip navigation Sign in. Though DNA testing has become more readily available, it is still met with much skepticism on its accuracy. Required fields are marked *. Wolves for Sale. Upcoming Extra Large German Shepherd Puppies 2020 Winter Litters Below ! Deposits are $300. Black German Shepherd Collie Mix; Collie Mix is a result of a cross between two purebred dogs – a Black German shepherd and a Border collie. Dam is a gorgeous, bi-eyed, Husky/White German Shepherd cross! If you want the look of a wolf with the temperament of one of the most loyal and intelligent breeds around, these pups are for you!! Males and females available. From Flagra: Maple is a Boxador German Shepherd Dog mix or a German Shepherd Lab Mix and Boxer. Her eyes are a golden brown. The black and tan is the most common color in the breed and what the average person envisions when they think of the German Shepherd breed. Another in a long line of famous male German Shepherd names is Buddy. She has had her first veterinarian check, has been dewormed and has had herfirst vaccinations. He is a Black Lab and German Shepard. She has a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years and is also known by the names Shepinois, Malinois X and a Belgian Shepherd Malinois The Malamute German Shepherd mix is the combination of the large dog breeds, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd. Knowing the mix is not only interesting, but can be helpful in understanding your dog's behavior and by giving you an insight into potential health issues. Two of the best breeds rolled into one. This is a one of the best colors to Corgi mix. Did a DNA test just for fun and confirmed she was a German Sheprador. Her appetite is normal. It is not like other German shepherd puppies that are born with different colors and get their permanent color after a couple of weeks. White German shepherd puppies a mix of boys and girls. Some of these breeds were the result of some rather odd crossbreeding such as the recent German experiments that crossed wolves with poodles. Check out the pictures below to see what kind of dog you might get if you mix the friendly Labrador dog with a German Shepherd, a dog that is great for service jobs. Find Wolf Hybrids for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. That was the name of the very first seeing eye dog, trained and owned by Frank Morris. While these dogs are often sold as small versions of the full gr own breed they are often falsely marketed. Solid black German Shepherds are less common, but when combined with a . in 1899 from a mix of early shepherd dogs having various coat lengths, textures,  If two solid black dogs are bred then only black Black German Shepherd puppies are produced. The German shepherd is prone to canine hip dysplasia, obesity, and allergies among others. Coloration will depend on the parents, and since such a wide variation is possible in German Shepherds, the Golden Shepherd shares a diversity of looks, although hints of black and tan along with the tell-tale face mask of the GSD are common. Let me tell you what you can expect from those. The result of such mixing the two breeds is a dog that is strong and an ideal pet companion for people. This mix can only produce a solid black litter. White German Shepherd Dog Husky Mix. The Great Shepherd is a large to giant mixed breed the result of breeding a leans towards the Great Danes and common colors are black, hazel, black, merle ,  I got her from my family. Although not technically a mix, the Black German Shepherd is a result of  May 17, 2015 If You've Never Studied GSDs, It May Be Hard To Spot The German Shepherd Mixes From The Pure Bred Dogs. Black Shepherds are just as loyal, loving, and trainable. Appearance of German Shepherd Wolf Mix. German Shepherd is known for their erect ears as well as black/red or black/tan markings. The German Shepherd (German: Deutscher Schäferhund, German pronunciation: [ˈʃɛːfɐˌhʊnt]) is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. White, blue, or liver colored dogs or a dog with a nose that is other than black are not accepted in the show ring. Before we get into how to groom a German Shepherd for summer, there’s one thing you should know… They have high-maintenance coats! Depending on the length of their fur, they will need daily to weekly The Labrashepherd is a cross between a German Shepherd Dog and a Labrador Retriever. They usually weigh around 60lbs, which is again slightly, less than the German Shepherd. But how different are they? Single colors are rarer than a mix of two. The Sheprador stands at an average of 24 inches tall and can weigh up to 80 pounds when fully grown. Black German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Mix 5. When angered or protective she gets a high scruff on her back, making me wonder if she is part Rhodesian Ridgeback. According to AKC registration stats, the German Shepherd dog is the second most popular dog breed in America. If you have a Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix, be sure that your dog will be fairly intelligent, just like the parents. Full black German shepherds often take people by surprise with their pure black coat. The German Shepherd Great Dane Mix makes a great family pet but if an intruder is lurking outside they better watch out. The breed's name is very fitting. ~Black Paws Farm~ AKC GERMAN SHEPHERDS: We breed for the "Total Dog", temperament, health and outstanding beauty. Its other names include Lab Shepherd mix, and Sheprador. Available German Shepherd Puppies German Shepherd Breeders in Tennessee German Shepherd puppies for sale in Tennessee | Belgian Malinois Breeder We schedule our puppy go homes as a group go home, we do this as soon as the puppies arrive and we know the date that they will go home. The Czech shepherd's even temperament doesn't mean it is not capable of anger; when threatened or in protection mode, a Czech shepherd can be quite dangerous, with strong, agile attacks that can stun an opponent. Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary - Saving One Dog At A Time, Helping One Rescue At A Time. Read all about the Labrashepherd - Breed Information, Photos, Videos, Discussion, Blogs, Rescue & Want Ads, Training Tips & Much More HOME TO ALL BLACK GERMAN SHEPHERDS. All black, white, sable, and blue are also German Shepherd coat colors but are less common and desired. They possess the best of both breeds in strength, loyalty, friendliness, and trainability. The German Shepherd is a large sized dog with shorter size, but heavier build than the Doberman. Female is ready now. Rin Tin Tin is arguably one of the most famous of all male German Shepherd names. He was in 26 Warner Brothers movies in the early 20th century until his death in 1932. This makes the German Shepherd Great Dane Mix the perfect family friendly watch dog. Black German Shepherd Breed Overview The All Black GSD is a large breed dog. Black German Shepherd Genetics. Photo's taken each week for one year of a BLACK MALE and a BLACK FEMALE GERMAN SHEPHERD. Visit the post for more. If Noir were a person, he'd be that kinda quiet, well-behaved high school student with the proper haircut who does his homework and gets pretty good grades and only ever dates one girl before heading off to university and after graduating near the top of his class, gets a good job and then marries and buys a house with The German Shepherd Pitbull mix’s origin. We chose the Shepinois name for it's simplicity. German Shepherd Dog Breed Spotlight: 5 Essential Traits Thanks to The Daily Shep for this guest article. When you show him what to do and not to, he will grasp it very quickly. Feel free to browse classifieds placed by German Shepherd dog breeders in Pa and the surrounding areas. The most common colors are black and red, but they also come in colors of black and tan, sable, bi-colors and black. When you cross breed these dogs together, their offspring will inherit the attributes and qualities of any of them. Spectacular Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies For Sale! Click on the flashing sign above to contact us and find out about our next litter. This is the reason why you need to meet both parents when you look for black Lab German Shepherd mix puppies sale. Find black German Shepherd puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. This is one amazingly beautiful animal. My dog is reddish fawn brown with a black nose. One of those breeds is a cross between Malamute and German Shepherd. So Black German Shepherd mix resulted in mixed dog  Aug 29, 2019 The second way solid Black German Shepherd puppies are produced is by mating two solid blacks. Wolfgang Haus german Shepherds is a Breeder of old fashioned German Shepherd dogs, to bring back the the shepherd the way it used to be. The Black German Shepherd belongs to the same breed as the standard variety; the only difference is that it is black in color. A Long Coat German Shepherd Dog can do all of that and so much more! The Tervuren Belgian Shepherd comes from the city of Tervuren, a town where the first specimens of this beautiful variety of Belgian shepherd were selected. German Shepherd Lab Mix. They come in a variety of colors, the most common being either black & tan or red & black. The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix will no doubt have a bountiful coat. Expecting black phase, black and white, grey and white, wolf grey and white puppies. German shepherd puppies get their permanent color after 8 weeks of birth but black German shepherd puppies are born black and remain black all over the time. Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix Highlights. Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd dogs are two of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. Black German Shepherd Puppies – Keeping a dog can be a hobby for many people who live across Virginia beach. Black Beauty is a well behaved, intelligent, loveable, sweet, friendly, German Shepherd mixed puppy. Like a lot of designer dog breeds the German shepherd lab mix, also known as the Sheprador, has been bred to get a dog that represents the best traits of both breeds of dog. black german shepherd mix

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